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John B Nelson

Just finished my PhD in Computational Social Science
San Jose, CA
I'm Johnny (@generativist on twitter).

I just finished my Ph.D. two months ago. I studied the role of belief systems in American democracy, with an emphasis on how stereotypes act as an adaptive heuristic for decentralized and distributed information discovery so long as certain conditions hold...

...and those conditions currently don't hold.

I'm really excited about the idea of building new forms of computer-mediated communication...ones that will help us adapt better and forge more robust and healthy societies. Also, the general premise of coders trying to (re-)distribute and decentralize everything appeals infinitely to the me that grew up yelling "hack the planet!" into IRC while coding from my childhood bedroom.

"Say Hello!" when you see me. I'm friendly and want to hear about you. (But, I'm very bad with faces.)

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Thursday, July 18

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Friday, July 19

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Saturday, July 20

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