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Dinesh, as part of Janastu and Servelots groups, has been exploring tech engagements for "Indian/South needs" through a rural research lab (iruway.janastu.org) set up near Bangalore. Research activities have been generally oriented towards Web content accessibility issues for the low-literate users. Decentralized local mesh networks, indigenous archives, and Web Annotation tools frame the context of activity.

A community radio on the mesh using Raspberry Pi based media repositories as nodes, captive portals and storytelling activities help realization of renarration activities in a scenario with a large diversity of literacy. See j.mp/janastu-mesh and see j.mp/myhill - Anthillhacks, an inclusive event similar to dwebcamp.

Dinesh returned to Bangalore from Palo Alto about 20 years ago for developing “Pantoto Communities - community owned community knowledge” software that helped non tech-savvy domain experts at small organisations do knowledge management without depending on high-cost tech resources. After meeting a number of people and organizations working on a wide range of societal issues, Janastu and Servelots became an R&D body for these groups. While the Pantoto idea is still active in spirit, its now being imagined as decentralised archives with Web Annotations tools to help link data, renarrate content for low literates, and to enable mesh-based participatory services.

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