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SD EXPRESS, the new minisd standard, will hold 128TB; more memory than time to process: years of text, wiki, mp3, mp4, memes, social token chains, etc. All accessible offline, at your fingertips. Less logging into OPP (other people's platforms). More security, privacy, freedom to read/write what/when you like. More options to copy WHAT you want, with WHO you want, WHEN you want, only IF you want.

TIMECHAIN.ONE is joke LIFO timed text input stream. Srsly. Next step is tag/paste clipboard; save a thing by personal timestamp and hash into one "1" own time chain. In own memory. Find less by searching brittle folder/file paths. Find more faster by (objective) linear time, and (subjective) variable tags. Find things easier in own memory. Then copy what/when you want with who you want, if you want.

NAMING things is a problem. 3 solutions: for player, use unix time stamp to name a thing in objective linear time, 2) hash name same thing in SHA256 to trust the record, 3) pet name or tag the thing any number of names you like. So you can find thing in linear time, find thing by the tags you like, and trust the damned thing. Then copy what you want, when you want, with who you want, if you want.

WYOHACKATHON, lets push the decentralization to the edge: make players own memory, physically. Possession is 9/10ths of the law. Make easy for player to find the memory player wants, faster, closer to home. Make options for a player to share the memory in the game the player wants, on the chain the player wants.

MAKE PLAYER OWN THE GAME, been saying it for 20 years. Now with NFT/DAOs it's happening. LOOT proves that the customer can own the business, meaningfully. Precisely what Dee Hock wanted at VISA in 1970. Wow. How push to the max?

Drop 128 colorful 128tb minisd jpgs, fund a DAO with a similar roadmap. At least we might make memes easier to find. The home run will make a billion players each own one "1" private time chain, each in players' own physical possession, with plenty options to find things fast, copy what player wants, when player wants, with who player wants, if player wants.

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, July 20

4:00pm PDT


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