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Duncan Krostue

Theodore Duncan Krostue is an artist from Kalamazoo, Michigan who has recently travelled to NYC, Tokyo, San Francisco, Boston and Switzerland to meet with other participants in the cryptoart movement. After selling a tokenized print of an illustrated parody on stage at the actual first auction of visual art made for blockchain use at RareAF, his self-realization of being a qualified outlier was facilitated by the affordance of participating in multiple communities. Yet this experience left him yearning to integrate greater decentralized practices with this new kind of participatory tokenized art publication.

What started as a direct result of being empowered by publishing in someone else’s system, this user’s passion-fueled action in half a dozen collections as a participant. Eventually, the deeper understanding facilitated a curator role in the relaunch of someone else's collection and leader of two of his own. His projects are not as exclusive in theme but aim to reflect best practices in greater ideologies of decentralization and consensus. Growing from the understanding for the root word of token being “to teach,” this telegram user assists artists all over the globe to participate in other various cryptoart collections using CounterParty. Most recently, this superuser has been elected as Community Director of the CounterParty Foundation.

Self-publication and local booking/performing of events consumed his non-business life for twenty years. Working at an advertising company, a record shop, a print shop, an ISP, a technology manufacturer, as an educator, on cell phone towers and being a stay-at-home father has granted this outsider a unique interwoven mind mapped perspective. As a commentator of social informatics related to spiritual issues of identity in regards to modes of creative expression, this author identifies as a blockchain theologian. Throughout his six-plus years of blockchain and two decades of p2p experience, his ultimate inspiration is Pre-Columbian use of cultural artifacts representing bits of social contracts as a pathway for greater understanding of the essence of modern-day virtual wampum.

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