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Joanna Antigone Nastos

Custom Camps
Production Maven
Born and raised in the metropolis of Athens, Greece, I grew up in a creative household and spent years exploring the arts from a performer standpoint. After I earned my BA in Art History I found myself in rock and roll where I learned about all areas of experience design in live music shows. Since moving to the Bay Area in 2012, I’ve expanded on my definition of what an event is and how we can collectively push the envelope to create the most unique and memorable experiences. I enjoy catering to the people who have no idea what we do and how crazy we must be to choose such a life.

From all aspects of idea creation, location scouting, entertainment, hospitality, and overall inventiveness, to manifesting and executing an event in a sustainable fashion and focused on safety, you could say that a) I’ve seen a lot but definitely not all and b) probably nothing scares me. I’ve also had more conversations about where I can rig an aerialist, if horses need to wear diapers or not, and if bath bombs will stain porcelain, than I’d care to mention. Ask me anything, I have stories and I tell them really well! (Although the NDAs I’ve signed won’t allow me to tell you whodunit.)

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